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By Marths Nakimuli

He has tried to jokingly turn up for presidential nominations but this time he is not a comedian anymore .

Paddy Bitama Ssali, 32, has quit comedy to settle for politics and has expressed interest to contest for Kyadondo Member of Parliament Seat in 2016.

While appearing on NTV’s Tuwaye program by Frank Walusimb, Paddy Bitama said that he is not happy with the way the government is handling country issues.This has forced him to stop joking and fully join politics.

To prove this he has joined the major opposition group Forum for Democratic change (FDC) and he is always next to Dr. Kizza Besigye, the party leader. He is also a member of 4GC (for God and my Country) a pressure group which replaced A4C (Activists for change)

Paddy says  that he  is a born again and has been a comedian, acting under Amarula family, an outstanding comedy group which has stayed for 11 years but he is out.

He says that he would prefer to be remembered for having done something other than comedy .He is determined to make his legacy in politics.”I still respect  comedy ,I am planning to put up a comedy university.”