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By Martha Nakimuli

After dropping out from school,  Muhammed Muggo, 50, did not loose hope.Unlike other professional surgeons trained from medical schools and colleges,Muggo attained local surgery skills and is currently a local surgeon. His is happy that his dream has turned out true.

Muggo  owns Togaya Kyezinze clinic  in Nakifuma, Mukono district where he treats people with herbal medicine and operates them.Muggo says he got to know of the herbal medicine from his grandfather who taught him over 200 types of herbs.

He says  when he receives a patient,  he examines him or her  to know the disease using his herbal medicine and after carries out an operation if it is necessary.

He says he uses surgical blades in  his operations and uses his four wives as his nursing aides.He mainly performs surgery on accident patients on legs , arms and internal organs.

According to Bukedde, Muggo has so far received 500 patients from various parts of the country and they have  given positive testimony after healing.

Muggo uses only herbal medicine to paralyze his patients, treat them and perform surgeries.


He cooks some of the herbs which he uses to paralyse people before he operates upon them.

For all the 30 years Muggo has been treating people he has only registered one death and he says that they brought this person when some of his body parts had rotten and there was no way he could operate him.

He says that some of his patients run away from big hospitals and go to his clinic from where he is healed.