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By Jane Nambi

Godfrey Nyakaana was charged with electricity theft by UMEME but he has been granted bail without the knowledge of the prosecutors.

Nyakana was charged with dishonest use of electricity energy, dishonest consumption of electric energy, diversion of energy, damaging supply lines and interfering with electric installations contrary to the Electricity Act.

UMEME alleges that Nyakaana committed the crimes in a space of one year from October 2010 and October 2011 at Lake Victoria Hotel and Suites Munyonyo. As a result of his fraudulent acts, UMEME says they lost electricity worth sh21m.

Despite the Judge’s ruling that he be remanded to Luzira prison after failing to honor the bail conditions, Nyakaana was released after his friends mobilized and raised half of the money that he was supposed to pay for bail and he was released, a move which the prosecution said was not fair.

Prosecutor, Justine Odong said that Makindye Grade One magistrate Flavia Nabakooza had granted bail to Nyakaana behind their backs. “It is good news that he has paid, but it is bad to take decisions without the prosecutor because it raises suspicion,”he said.


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