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By Our Reporter

The ruling National Resistance Movement party has laid down factors that have lead the ruling party to loose almost all the recent by- elections.

Among the factors which have lead the Ruling party to loose the recent By-Elections include the  infighting within the party, poor service delivery, poor monitoring mechanism among others.

NRM Chief Duadi Migereko told reporters told reporters at Imperial Royal Hotel today that  NRM party has lost four out of five by-elections and therefore it was necessary for the party members to sit down and reflect on the causes of their failures.

Migereko also added that after knowing such reasons that has been leading to the loss of the party candidates it will help the party get landslide victories in the next elections because members are now determined to settle the problems and take party issues a head of their personal beliefs.

He however said that NRM causes are four causes which include nationalism pan Africanism, social transformation and democracy and these are issues that members must follow.


  1. James Mwagazziwaddembe says:

    It is always okay,when family members fight and forgive each other,as an NRM member,i feel bad when i see as loosing while other party members vote the Opposition,but never the less we must work hard to reconcile.
    More so,we must create what i may refer to as’NRM VOICE’ this will help on the issue of failing to publish or tell Ugandans the achievements of the ruling party.It can be funded by the NRM communication bureau at Kamwokya.