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By Maureen Nakigozi

Miss Uganda 2012 grand finale ended in style with the least expected winning the contest.

Phiona Bizzu emerged the winner of the contest with Josephine Nabakooza  the first Runner up and Agatha Tumuhimbise the second runner up.

22 girls contested and  included; Susan Namirimu, Effe Nalumansi, Priscilla Atulinde, Eva Nabawanga, Monica Namukaya, Rachel Kelly Kirabo, Tracy Goretti Tambula, Monica Rukundo, Sheila Nuweatwine, Josephine Nabakooza, Stella Mamugere. Nancy Abila,Nina Agnes Mirembe, Agatha Tuhimbise, Rachel Sera, Evelyne Baluka, Loiuse Nankabala, Maureen Atulinda, Sandra Ayaa, Pauline Peruth Apolot and Sophie Betty Amayo.

It now turns back to you, do you think we still have beautiful girls in Uganda?

Tracy Gorret Tambula

suzan Namirimu

Effe Nalumansi

Prisicilla Atulinde

Eva Nabawanga

Monica Namukwaya

Racheal Kelly Kirabo

Monica Rukundo

Sheila Nuweatwine

Josephine Nabakooza

Stella Namugere

Nancy Abila

Phiona Bizzu - Miss Uganda 2012

Nina Agnes Mirembe


Agatha Tuhimbise

Rachael Seera

Evelyn Baluka

Louise Nankabala

Mariam Atulinda

Sandra Ayaa

Uganda are we safe ?


  1. Data says:

    Can somweone remove these pics please, People will think ther are no beautiful women in Uganda

    1. geofreyrata@ymail.com says:

      sure men no beautiful pics chics yet we have hot chics hear in uganda but u displaying unbeautifull ladies in ugand be seriouly u people .remove them.

  2. Data says:

    Please someone remove these pics. People will think there are no beautiful ladies in Uganda, or is that the case?

  3. Chris says:

    Sure we do have beautiful girls but who picks these girl.

    1. jude says:

      to be sincere there are no more beautiful girl in uganda. who picked all these girls. the contest would have been postponed to next year

  4. chui says:

    OMG where have all the Ug beauties gone,?????/ i guess there aint interested in parading themselves in public.

  5. Andrew Nangai Jonathan says:

    Please it is always right and advicable that if you do not know ask and if not sure seek for knowledge. Beauty is something thai is varying. Miss Uganda selection has a cretaria so if we would go by physical appearance then every one would have his or her own miss.why because beauty lies in the hand of the beholder.