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By Mirembe Martina

A new Jesus movie is in production but it is not going to be our typical Jesus movie, it is going to be another controversial movie about the life of Jesus, a man who has clearly left many wondering about his legitimacy.

In the movie, the director, Paul Verhoeven discredits all that the bible and what is widely known as Jesus’ life. He believes that Jesus did not resurrect and that he was a product of a rape that Jesus’s mother, Mary encountered with a Roman soldier.

The Born Instinct director takes the new movie to show that the message that Christ preached was more meaningful than people give it credit. Though he does not believe in the resurrection and the miracles that Jesus performed, he notices the things that he taught and believes him to be a person of a good moral standing than a prophet.

“If you look at the man, it’s clear you have a person who was completely innovative in the field of ethics,” Verhoeven was quoted saying. “My own passion for Jesus came when I started to realize that. It’s not about miracles; it’s about a new set of ethics, an openness towards the world, which was anathema in a Roman-dominated world. I believe he was crucified because they felt that politically, he was a dangerous person whose following was getting bigger and bigger. Jesus’ ideals are about the utopia of human behavior, about how we should treat each other, how we should step into the shoes of our enemy.”

The film, which will be written by Roger Avary is based on a book by Verhoeven. Verhoeven believes that people use Jesus’ death and miracles as a scapegoat to sin which is not good.

Well, lets wait and see how well he will predict these things in the movie.


  1. Okia charles says:

    His birth as a result of “rape” I think is unfortunate!

  2. Obin Benard Harold says:

    This is the beginning of problems because this is blasphemy against God. Whoever he calls himself, he better watch out for God’s wrath.

  3. victor king says:

    I think it is all about making money, anyway try your luck just like any other movie director.