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By Martha Nakimuli.

Ramon films is soon releasing the movie about Bad black’s life and it has been named ‘Black’.

The movie scripts which were written and directed by Nabwana Godfrey show the life of Bad black from childhood to where she is now.

The movie also entails how Bad black has lived her life from her childhood, education, social life and how she became a billionaire.

Other sources following the movie closely say; “Bad Black is portrayed as a daughter of a notorious mafia who once terrorized Kampala.”

Meanwhile, Bad black has started living her former lifestyle though this time she is spending most of her time with her new lover. She longer moves out with the many girls as she used to and she has cut her spending a lot.

Bad Black resumed her life style after getting relief from the embezzlement case in which she is accused of embezzling sh11 billion from Daveshan Development company, a company she co-owns with her former lover David Greenhalgh.

Looking at the final submissions made by bad black lawyer Caleb Alaka Bad Black might win the case because it was clearly indicated that she is the only director of Daveshan Development recognized by the company act and by the time Greenhalgh started sending the billions the company was not in existence.

Recently Bad black told court that the sh11 billion that Greenhalgh is accusing her of stealing was for love not for the company.