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Jacqueline Toro Williams

Jacqueline Toro Williams

A woman in  Ohio, Midwestern United States is set to face felony prostitution charges  for subjecting her 11 year old daughter to prostitution .

The girl told authorities that under the orders of her 37-year-old  mother Jacqueline Toro-Williams , she used to go for door to door prostitution for just $40 several times a day.

“It would start from the afternoon and it would end at like 7 [a.m.] the next day,” the girl, who is not being named by authorities, said according to Raw Story news site.

The woman  also  allegedly drove her daughter to different apartment complexes in their neighborhood and force her to engage in prostitution with men in exchange for money and drugs, Zampelli said. The activity went on for at least a year or more, mostly in 2007, he said.

After a year she got pregnant but got a miscarriage.She fled with one man to Mexico with whom she has  a baby boy and baby girl .

The 37 year old mother who is also a prostitute is currently held  in an Akron jail for subjecting her 11 year old daughter to prostitution .