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By Sandra Birungi

Peregio Masika, a mother of four children in Kasese district was killed on Tuesday when she went to fetch water to use at home.

Peregio’s body was discovered 9 hours after her death by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the police, the army and the residents.

According to an eye-witness, Peregio was ‘grabbed and pulled into the water’ in the evening of Tuesday by a crocodile at around 3pm. The conservation area manager of Queen Elizabeth, Guma showed regret over the incident and promised that they will hold a consultation the Community Protection Institution Management to find a way in which they can help in keeping the welfare of Masika’s children.

Referring to the incident, Guma said, “Witnesses told me they saw her being grabbed and pulled into the water at around 3:45pm on Tuesday. The body was recovered at around 1:00am yesterday and taken to hospital for a postmortem examination.”

So far, Peregio is the fourth victim of crocodile attacks in the same area since 2010. She was a single mother in her late 30′s.

According to Rwenjubu area Councillor, Eriya Mwoghwa, she was attacked about 70m away from the lake shoreline. He blamed the UWA for their negligence and failure to fulfill their promise of caging watering points to safe guard the residents and their livestock from dangerous reptiles.