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Phiona Bizzu in her Car prize after being crowned Miss Uganda 2012

Adding on a lot of criticism she has already received ,newly elected miss Uganda Phiona Bizzu  has been branded a slow learner in her driving lessons.

Close to a month now since she received her beauty victory award -a Red Toyota Raum,Bizzu can not make an independent ride with her car.The car  is still being driven by miss Uganda event organisers Kevin Zziwa and Brenda Nanyonjo.

Could it be that Phiona Bizzu has not yet mastered all the driving lessons?

What matters however is that Bizzu is not bothered by what people think of her .She is happy that she is the best girl in the land,Miss Uganda 2012.


  1. James Mwagazziwaddembe says:

    Iam one of those who got upset with the decision that was taken by the panel and those responsible of choosing us a Miss Uganda,first of all she is not beautiful at all,much as they say that intellectualism is number one element,but to my own understanding that is the invisible sign,what we all know is that a miss is all about beauty,there for it was a big shame,she’s not my miss.