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By Mirembe Martina

Pouring acid on one another was known as a woman’s game but for the case of Emmanuel Byaruhanga, 34, the tables were turned.

Emmanuel, a business man who deals in buying and selling of food, Matooke in particular is said to have got another man’s wife pregnant and in revenge, the husband of the woman poured acid on him which destroyed his physical assets.

He was taken to Mulago hospital after he met with his fate. Narrating his story, Emmanuel said between 8:00pm and 8:30pm, as he was watching a movie with his friends, one of his friends, Muchunguzi who is commonly known as Katogo, a tailor asked people sitting next to him to leave and sit aside but a few refused to heed to his request and they got burned as Emmanuel.

They were watching the movie from a local cinema commonly known as ‘kibanda’ and the owner of the place, is one of the suspects according to Emmanuel. He said the mother of his child had actually separated from the husband when they got together and later on became pregnant.

The owner of the local cinema was husband to the woman whom Emmanuel impregnated and later on gave birth; she informed him about what had happened to him something which clearly did not please him.

The woman in dispute, Florence Nakirijja informed reporters that she had just called the Emmanuel to tell him to buy books for the children before the shops had been closed only to receive another phone call saying he had been injured. She is currently with him at hospital taking care of him.

The incident took place in a village called Jjaga Kabuyoga in Lwengo district.