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By Mirembe Martina

The opening gala for Tusker Project fame season five kicked off Saturday and the show was graced by nothing but beauty and grace from the contestants.

The show kicked off with performances from the six contestants on probation. The performances that wowed the crowd were from South Sudan’s Nancy Chan and Burundi’s Joe Christian Irankunda who later got seats in the academy. The list of the fifteen contestants is as follows and for the first time, Burundi has joined the star-studded music show.



  1. Jackson Kalimba
  2. Fatuma Muhoza


  1. Pacifique Gachuri
  2. Samantha Nzeyimana
  3. Joe Christian Irankunda


  1. Sharon Nakhioga
  2. Allan Roy Serikinda


  1. Eunice Gutu
  2. Doreen Nyawira
  3. Steve Homes
  4. Ruth Matete


  1. Damián Mihayo
  2. Imani Lissu

Southern Sudan

  1. Nancy Chan
  2. Mer Ayang

With 8 weeks, the contestants have a long time to prove they are worth watching, or better still, they are any good. Will Uganda bring back the title again for the third time or will Kenya, which has never won before take the title this time round?

Watch out for updates on Tusker Project Fame Season 5.


  1. esther wangare says:

    Kenya won season one nkt!

  2. esther wangare says:

    Kenya won season 1, nkt! Does Valerie Kimani ring a bell????

  3. John Musisi says:

    How come Kenya has 4 contestants this time around? I thought the maximum was 3 from each participating country.

  4. ann njogu says:

    plz get your facts right before publishing your content

  5. Dave Thadeus says:

    i sont think if there is any way to vie online, we nned that option and not only through the phone