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By Mirembe Martina

Every week, five contestants are put on probation and await their verdict on Saturday. This week, four males and two females have landed themselves on probation.

Kenya’s Doreen on probation again.

  1. Jackson (Rwanda)
  2. Allan (Uganda)
  3. Doreen (Kenya)
  4. Eunice (Kenya) and
  5.  Steve (Kenya)

Last week’s performance at Tusker Project Fame 5 was not as breathtaking as before. It seems the contestants are not up for the win after all.

Allan was named the king of probation after he landed himself on this list, again. Asked what he would do different this time, he said he would improve his swag, if you can believe that.

Judges believe that Allan imitates more than put his own signature to the songs that he sings which always lands him on probation. Singing Chris Brown’s She aint You, Allan mimed more than sing.

Who will be saved this time round, will Allan manage to woe t he ladies again and they vote for him to stay again or he will see the back of Tusker Project Fame 5? Judge Julianna advised him to sing more and do less performing and dancing and pleasing the ladies, seems like it did not work.


  1. asinai lillian says:

    hallo to all contestants the judges r being fair so pliz try to do ur best. i wish all of u success.

  2. asinai lillian says:

    allan pliz and pliz do ur best we am praying for u.