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By Maureen Nakigozi

Health experts have warned that most of pork meat supplied in Kampala is contaminated and can cause Epilepsy and madness.

KCCA senior veterinary officer, Dr Emilia Ahimbisibwe, said that pork consumed in Kampala is risky for human consumption given the fact that most pigs are slaughtered transported and prepared from dirty places.

Dr Ahimbisibwe says  pork contains tape worms which cause epilepsy or  madness  among other related ailments when consumed without thorough preparation.She warn  people against consuming the meat which is not thoroughly cooked.

“A big percentage of pigs slaughtered in Kampala are not cleared for human consumption…The city is littered with illegal pork abattoirs in various suburbs including Nsambya- Kamwanyi Zone, Kinawatakka and Wambizzi in Lubaga Division,” Dr Emilia Ahimbisibwe said.

Kampala City Council Authority is drafting new laws to guide butchery attendants and animal transportation to end this food insecurity in the city.


  1. Kulyani Joel says:

    It’s a good idea 4 this pork & the respective attemdants be properly inspected 4 quality assurance and also cook well!