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By Sandra Birungi

The boxing match between Golola Moses and Mate Zsamboki is around the corner and Zsamboki has promised to finish the match before the end.

Zsamboki has 19 wins to his name, 6 draws and 6 knock outs of all the 25 fights which he has played so far. He stands at 188cm tall and weighs 78.1kg. The two are to battle it out in a 10 round fight.

Speaking at a press conference on Zsamboki said, “All I want is to finish the fight before the end. He may be a good fighter but I don’t think he will survive the third round.”

Zsamboki’s coach Istvan Rozman ruled out any expectations of Golola winning. Rozman was Andras Nagy’s coach during his fight with Golola last December and Nagy won.

“If Golola has got some preparation then it will be 50-50; that is if he learnt something from his previous fight,” Rozman asserted.

However, Golola is confident he will win. Standing at 5.8 ft and weighing 77.8 kgs, Golola’s support from his fans reduced ever since he was beaten by Nagy last year. Muwanga Kiganda, said, “Golola will be killed from the ring because he does not have any tricks against the white.”


  1. ababoneire Gideon says:

    words cannot fight but tricks so Golola watch out.

  2. richard says:

    Golola will fight harder to over remember Nagy.