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By Mirembe Martina

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has informed the public that she does not want to oust President Museveni and she is not interested at all.

She issued a statement through the Parliament Public Relations office saying it is not true at all that she is involved in a power struggle with Museveni.

This comes amidst media attention to the fact that Museveni personally attacked both Kadaga and Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi blaming them for the EALA mess.

After research, it was discovered that Ugandans would prefer First Lady, Janet Museveni and Speaker, Kadaga to succeed Museveni instead of Museveni going back into power. At the same time, they responded well to having Amama as NRM’s flag bearer.

Despite the reports, Kadaga says she is not interested in the power.

The statement denied reports that the Speaker had tried to meet a visiting dignitary, His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during his recent visit to the country, as part of her politicking.

“The insinuation that the Speaker solicits for appointments is belittling and degrading of the Speaker who is number three in order of precedence,” said the statement read to the media by her publicist, Ms Ranny Ismail.

Kadaga is the NRM second national vice chairman while Mbabazi is the party’s secretary general. The two, together with the President and other senior party officials, held a clear-the-air meeting at the President’s country home in Rwakitura on Sunday.

A statement issued by the Presidency after the meeting said the party remains united.


  1. nabisaalu elizabeth says:

    if kadaga has no interest then who has amongest ladies?

  2. Kerosene says:

    I wonder why M7 is so fearful to attack the two contenders even before they openly express their intentions.anyhow, it is a clear indication of what i have always known that NRM belongs to M7 & no one messes around with him. He looks at anybody who shows interest in that seat as his enemy. His term in NRM is surely far from over.