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Margret Nantongo Zziwa and Dora Byamukama

Though the ruling National Resistance Movement party is said to have supported Dora Byamukama for East African Legislative Assembly Speaker post, it turns out that the election of Margaret Zziwa did not come as a mistake.

Sources reveal that one of the strong reasons Dora Byamukama’s failure originated from NRM’s failure to convince Zziwa not to compete with Dora.

Though the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga,Barnabas Tinkasimire and other officials went to Arusha to  carry on their campaign for Byamukama ,they did not strengthen the campaign among other EALA members from other countries like Burundi ,Rwanda ,Kenya and Tanzania. They concentrated their campaign among the Ugandan team which also seemed not united to back Byamukama.On the other side Margaret launched her campaign in Arusha by placing posters at the entrance to the of EALA offices and she was able to get the support she needed.

As a good politician should behave-with integrity and gentleness, Dora Byamaukama never behaved as one after her loss; perhaps to draw the sympathy from those who had all hopes together that she would win. Reports from Arusha show that she threw a banquet of flowers at the Minister in Charge of East African Affairs Eriya Kategaya. “She is indeed a bad mannered girl, does it mean a politician wins all the time”Kategaya said in Anguish.Byamukama also failed to shake hands with the winner after being sworn in ,which portrayed a bad image as far as political maturity is concerned.

Does this mean that some members were already aware of her character? We do not know but it can also explain that NRM members were already divided over the matter.Hon Mike Mukula and Eriya Kategaya have already been blamed of betraying NRM will of having Dora Byamukama as the Speaker.

Barnabas Tinkasimire was seen fuming demanding an explanation as to why Dora did not go through. It is however clear that the President of the party, Yoweri Museveni had endorsed Margaret Zziwa to go for the Position .

Dora Byamukama also failed to understand that the Speaker post was an elective post not a matter of appointment.She thus never strengthened her campaign.

“Her biggest mistake was having a strong sense of entitlement for the post. She failed to realize that this was an elective office and not an appointment,” One member said  That is why  Zziwa garnered 33 votes against Byamukama’s 12 votes.

It is no wonder that The Minister of Information  has already sent a congratulatory message to her to serve in the East African Parliament.So that is how it was in Arusha.Dora Byamukama Lost the  EALA speaker post to Margaret Zziwa

By Ahura Mujuni Mark