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By Mirembe Martina

Love spewed out of NTV’s series, The Hostel, when Eleanor Nansibo, who is commonly known as the innocent and born again christian Hope and Matthew Nabwiso started dating.

Things are now getting serious and if you have been thinking about catching Mathew, sorry for you as the two love birds are set to introduce at the end of next month.

A date has already been named and it is July 31st. Eleanor is going to introduce Mathew to the parents in Mukono and preparations are already underway.

If you thought ‘Gilo’ was as bad as the TV series portrays him, think again. It seems he is committed to Hellen forever come July 31st.

This is the second couple at the TV series to be romantically involved. Hellen Lukoma, Eleanor’s elder sister and Dean Nsubuga made their relationship public when Hellen threw a birthday bash and announced it.

For all of you who think this is a lie, think again, it is not. And remember, it is real life, we are not talking about what is happening in real life. Wait for the wedding pictures!


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    so great for both of them, bad boy and saveede gal

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    U two congssss!!!