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By Jane Nambi

Hosni Mubarak is not clinically dead although he is on life support, Egyptian military said amidst reports by tabloids and on-line sites that the former Egyptian president was clinically dead.

A military source was quoted saying that Hosni was not able to breathe on his own and that he was using artificial respiration. “He is completely unconscious. He is using artificial respiration,” the source said.

According to General Said Abbas, a member of the ruling military council, Mubarak, 84, had suffered a stroke but was alive. “Any talk of him being clinically dead is nonsense,” he said.  General Mamdouh Shaheen, told CNN, “He is not clinically dead as reported, but his health is deteriorating and he is in critical condition.”

The news of Mubarak’s health come amidst tensions rising again in the country after military decided to retain power after the presidential elections which saw Islamist Mohamed Morsi emerge as the winner of the elections.

Egyptians are now ready to protest against the move by the military to retain power and they have already called onto the people to join in the protests.

Mubarak was transferred from prison yesterday and rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke which rendered him unconscious and on the verge of death as he stopped breathing on his own and started using artificial respiration.

The former Egypt pharaoh was sentenced to life imprisonment for several crimes that he committed against the people of Egypt during his rule which came to an end after the people rose up in arms and ousted him.