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Ghazala Javed's death linked to ex husband

Ghazala Javed

Ghazala Javed’s death has been linked to her estranged husband from who she has sought divorce for over six months.

Singer Ghazala Javed  was shot dead together with her father late on Monday.Unknown men fired indiscriminately at Javed and her father Mohammad Javed while she was leaving a beauty parlour at the busy Mohallah Nau in Dabgari Bazar,Times of India Said

Javed Ghazala who has over 100 hit songs was in Peshawar to record songs for a new Pushto film and was visiting a beauty parlour for pre-show preparations.

Ghazala was laid to rest alongside her father amidst tears in their hometown in Mingora on Tuesday.Police is investigating Ghazala’s former husband Jehangir Khan, a native of Peshawar she married two years ago for her death.

Relatives said Jehangir blamed Javed Ghazala’s  father for the divorce. He had paid Rs10 million as customary compensation for marriage. Ghazala had stopped singing after her marriage and her father had been urging her to resume her career.






  1. najibullah ayobi says:

    GHAZALA JAVED has not been killed, She is alife in heart of all PASHTOON people of the world and they will not forget her till they are alife. MAY ALLAH BLESS HER.

    1. sahilahmadi says:

      iwas very sad for her death it was very shocking news for pakistan people and who love her. ok it s very a bad news now we are must pray for ghazala jawed thats allah bless her.

  2. Rubab Naqvi says:

    She is v v v v v nice singer i mis you 4ever…. Gazala i love you…