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By Mirembe Martina

Sought after terror suspect, Ahmed Khaled Mueller, who was previously known as Andreas Martin Mueller before he converted to Islam in 1999 has been asked by his family to surrender before it was too late for him.

His family wrote to him begging him to surrender before it was too late for him. They made the appeal in an email that they addressed to their son.

According to his family, Mueller underwent spiritual transformation for a decade with the intent to experience adventure of purpose and renewal. He later went to master the lexicon of radical Islam.

In their appeal, Mueller’s family said, “Dear Andreas, if you are really in Uganda, we ask you to come forward. It is not too late. We are certain there is a way for you to proceed so that you can achieve what you want for yourself without getting yourself or other people into trouble. We trust you that you haven’t done anything wrong. We love you so much.”

According to The Observer, after news broke that their son was on the wanted list of terrorists  in Kenya,they have been trying to get him to surrender before it was too late. Ahmed was born in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“He grew up in a normal German family. He was a very good student at school and took up study at university, but did not finish it. At that time he met Muslims in a sports club and got involved with them. He converted to Islam in 1998/99,” says the source, adding: “German authorities are not investigating him for any crime whatsoever. He has never been known to be violent and never was convicted for any crime in Germany,” they said.

“He turned into an Islamist with strong views, but was never known to be a supporter of violence. He tried to emigrate to Bosnia and the United Arab Emirates, but it didn’t work out. His reason was, as he always stated, that he wanted to live in a truly Muslim society because he didn’t think that was possible in Germany,” says the source, relaying information he obtained from Mueller’s family,” they added.

Ahmed has been arrested before in 2009 in Pakistan after it was suspected he was trying to make contacts with either al-Qaeda or Taliban militants, but was never proven. Mueller argued that he was only looking to live a peaceful and quiet life as a Muslim.

He left for Kenya in 2011 and since then, he has been one of the most wanted men until he fled to Uganda. Police has put up a search for him with the hope that he will be apprehended soon.