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By Mirembe Martina

Group D is going to battle it out today in the UEFA Euro games 2012. Under Group D is Sweden, France, England and Ukraine.

France tops the group with 4 points, followed by England also with 4 points.

For Sweden to battle it out with France is nothing but ego on their part being at the bottom of the group with no points at all. “We’re playing for our honor against France. We are going to bring points with us back home. We’ve got one match left and will do something positive with it,” Sweden’s captain said.

However, France has everything to lose in this game, they have to win or draw with Sweden to go through. Sweden has to bring its A-game to avoid France from winning but rather draw. In case they draw, France will have to battle it out with Spain, a position that France wants to avoid.

To avoid this, France has to win. Both Ukraine and England are strong teams but with Wayne Rooney in England’s lineup, England has something to feel confident about in today’s matches.

As to who will win the game of Sweden Vs France, only time will tell.

Sweden and France have met once before in European Championships at the Euro opener in Solna in 1992 drawing 1-1. Will Sweden hold up its head high and give France hell before they actually go through to the quarter finals beginning June 21st.

However, if Sweden wins, we shall have to wait and see what they will bring to the game against Spain.