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By Sandra Birungi

The Euro 2012 is heating up after Italy beat England out of the UEFA Euro 2012 and  made its way to the semi finals.

The deciding game ended in 0-0 paving way to penalties in which Italy managed to beat England, 4-2 there by earning its place in the semi finals due this week.

Photo by ESPN

Balotelli took the first penalty all smiles straight to the net giving Italy a 1-0 lead over England. The celebrations did not last long as Gerrard scored and equalizer for England making it 1-1. Italy blew it the second time round after Montolivo missed making it to the net, but it wasn’t like that for England as Rooney scored making Italy gloomy and on edge with a lead of 1-2, but that was as far as they could go.

All nerves, Pirlo scored an equalizer for Italy when he took his chances with the ball with a slow chip making it Italy 2-2 England. Now more determined than ever, England put on its a-game but in vain as Young missed to score when he hit the bar. With 2-2, Italy has to make sure they are ahead of England and it seems like luck is on its side.

Nocerino scored and Italy were ahead again with 3-2. Ashley Cole  missed again for England leaving Italy with a 3-2 lead. Diamanti scored the last goal giving Italy the lead with 4-2.

Talking about their loss, Gerrard expressed gratitude for what the team did for the country though they failed them at last, “I think we’ve done the country proud but it doesn’t help with the heartbreak,” he said.  Hodgson said, “I can’t fault any of the players, we had a lot running on empty at the end but they kept us in right until the end. Unfortunately it was Italy who got the breaks in the shoot out.”

With England out-of-the-way, Italy has to battle it out with Germany in the semi finals as Spain battles it out with Portugal.

The chances of Italy winning against Germany are good although Germany has a fierce line up to assemble to beat the lucky Italians who seem ready to win this year’s UEFA Euro 2012. However, Germany is ahead with 9 points but that will not count if it is beaten by Italy.

As the Euro 2012 comes to an end, who do you think will emerge as winner? Up dates coming your way soon.