Home » Breaking News, World News » Egyptian Military Retains Power Despite Concluded Presidential Elections

By Jane Nambi

The Egyptian woes seem to be everlasting despite the end of the protests in the country and the conviction of former president, Hosni Mubarak.

The country held elections and Mohammed Morsi, the Islamist emerged as the winner. What should have been a relief came off as a failure after the military decided to retain power.

An interim constitutional declaration was released on Monday stated that the military council retains the power to make laws and budget decisions for the country until a new constitution can be written and a new parliament elected. It goes on to say that the Supreme Council members “shall decide all matters related to military affairs, including the appointment of its leaders.”

The president has the power to declare war, it says, but only “after the approval of the SCAF.”

Azzedine Layachi, a Middle East expert from St. John’s University in New York said, “The military may partially exit from power after a new round of tough negotiations with the Islamist and the secular opposition on safeguarding its interests. However, and no matter what, the military will continue to play a dominant role in Egyptian politics. The question for now is whether they will continue to do so directly for the coming years or indirectly behind the façade of a civilian rule.”

In his victory speech, Morsi tried to calm the fears of the citizens that he will impose an Islamist rule and promised “a civil, patriotic, democratic, constitutional and modern state.”

“No one’s rights will be left out of it, and no one will dominate over the other. The strong will not oppress the weak, and the week’s rights will not be forgotten because of irresponsibility.”

Whether or not the move by the military council is meant to impose certain rules in the country is yet to be found out.