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By Jane Nambi

Nicklas Bendtner, Denmark striker was fined yesterday for pulling off a sponsor stunt during a UEFA game.

Bendtner, was fined €100,000, about sh300m and $126,000 and in addition, he was banned from the 2014 World Cup qualifying match in September and UEFA for showing off a betting company’s logo on his underwear as he celebrated a goal against Portugal in the Euro game.

The UEFA disciplinary committee found Bendtner guilty of improper conduct. In comment, Bendtner said he would “appeal the decision and take it from there.”

The Danish football association has agreed to help the forward with legal advice. He was also advised not to contact the gambling firm, association spokesman Lars Berendt said or “to receive any kind of full or partial compensation or otherwise reimbursement from this company.”

Bendtner raised his shirt showing his already lowered shorts revealing the name of a betting firm across the top of his underpants, after scoring his second goal in a 3-2 loss against Portugal last Wednesday. The laws of football managed by FIFA relating to players’ equipment also state that players “must not reveal undergarments showing slogans or advertising.”