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By Sandra Birungi

UNHCR is going to carry out a census of all refugees in the country with the help of the Prime Minister’s office.

This is a necessity which is carried out every two years according to an official of UNHCR.

The census is going to begin July 3rd and it is aimed at knowing how many refugees are in the country. According to Marceline Agusta, UNHCR field officer, Hoima region, the exercise will commence from Kiryandongo district at Kiryandongo district followed by Kyangwale refugee camp and other camps in Western Uganda.

“So Sudanese, Kenyans, Burundians, should prepare themselves .f. We want to ensure that they are there” Marceline Auguste said in an interview.

She said those who will go through the exercise will receive new ration cards and warned that those who will not turn up for the verification will be struck off the register.

Current figures state Kyangwale has  26, 000 refugees  who are mostly Congolese, Rwandese and Burundians , while Kiryandongo  has 3,600, mostly Sudanese, Kenyans  and a handful of Congolese, Rwandese and Burundians.

Most of the refugees at Kiryandongo are Sudanese who were relocated here from Gulu in 1992. The Kenyans who came in 2008 are the second biggest group with about 1,200 members. There are also 100 Congolese, 11 Rwandese, less than 10 Burundians.


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