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By Martha Nakimuli

The major causes of Maternal mortality rates have been exposed especially in the rural areas.

According to the Ms Justin Engole, the programme officer at Epilepsy Support Association Uganda, excessive work subjected to pregnant women and negligence by their husbands have greatly contributed to maternal deaths.

Ms  Engole,  said out of every 10 maternal deaths registered  six are a result of excessive work that the pregnant women undergo. The excessive work strain, weaken women and exhaust them which in turn cause complications which lead to their deaths during child delivery.

The failure to access antenatal services has also contributed to the increasing maternal deaths because women who attend antenatal services are advised to keep away from heavy work load and enlightened about the dangers of excessive work.

Most men have also failed to support  their pregnant wives especially helping them with house chores.

Maternal deaths have remained a challenge in Uganda though much is being done to ensure that it is completely wiped out of the country.


  1. James Mwagazziwaddembe says:

    I do not agree with this research,our mother even gave birth while in the banana plantation dinging,what are you talking about,that’s how the tax money is wasted on bed room research.