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Maneta and  Roki disqulified

Maneta and Roki

Roki and Maneta have been disqualified form from big Big Brother StarGame for physical confrontation.They follow footsteps of two Zimbabwean Housemates Zainab and DKB who were also engaged in a confrontation which saw them get out of the house.

Roki  intentionally provoked Maneta by pouring water over her head and Maneta responded throwing cleaning fluid in Roki’s face. Maneta went ahead and threatened to stab Roki.

This season saw the ‘anti-violence’ rule expanded to include any Housemate whose provocative behavior contributed substantially to creating a hostile and aggressive environment in which violence is the result.

“No! Biggie no!” Keitta  shouted after  Biggie delivered the verdict .



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