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By Mirembe Martina

Four housemates are up for eviction in Big Brother Africa 2012.

  1. Talia – Zambia
  2. Tamara – Zambia
  3. Wati – Malawi
  4. Nafe – Malawi

So far, Talia is being saved by Africa as she has the most votes as yet. So far, she has 45.30 % (5314) votes. She i s a graphic designer who is down ville. She is the most cooperative and known for being the cook in the house.

From top to bottom – Tamara, Wati, Nafe and Talia.

Talia is followed by Wati who was put up for eviction after apologizing to Ugandan Jannette and Africa for spreading rumorsĀ  that he had slept with Jannette. Now, as Jannette was cooking, he poured dirty water in the pot of chicken that Jannette was cooking. He has 29.74 % (3488) votes so far.

He is followed by Tamara from Zambia who has 20.90 % (2451) votes.

Tamara is followed by Nafe from Malawi who has 4.07 % (477) votes.

Meanwhile, Goldie and Prezzo have at last broken up and this time, Prezzo says it is for real, no turning back. Prezzo told big brother that they have some issues to sort out and hopefully, this time apart may impact Goldie to change her ways which Prezzo says he does not like.

Goldie saved Prezzo from being evicted last week twice something that he says she constantly uses to get to him psychologically which he says is not good and he did not need herĀ  saves.

It seems like the love birds have some real issues to sort out.

45.30 % (5314)