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Benny Hinn  with his wife Suzanne

Pastor Benny Hinn with his wife Suzanne

Benny Hinn,the celebrated miracle performer pastor has reconciled with his wife Suzanne.

The pair were married for more than 30 years but Suzanne Hinn filed for divorce in 2010.

The great news is that the two are now calling the past years of their separation painful years and are set to remarry on October 26th 2012 at Calvary Assembly in Orlando, Fla.

Over 600 people attended a public meeting held at Calvary Monday night in which the Hinns made their official announcement.

Jack Hayford, whom Hinn said has “been overseeing the restoration” of the couple’s marriage, will perform the ceremony.

Hinn said he and Suzanne have “submitted to godly counsel and oversight” to continue to improve their relationship and are now “closer than ever.”

“What I did not realize was that in the process of ministering around the world, it was taking a far greater toll on my marriage than I realized,” Hinn said. “I once believed that my ministry came before my family, and I now realize that I was wrong. God comes first, then my family, and then my ministry.”Benny Hinn said

The Hinns were married in 1979 in what is now Calvary’s Family Life Center.



  1. robert-mmig says:

    may God bless you more and more. and may you 2 longlive

  2. robert rovo says:

    i love seeing 2 together being united. may God be with your marriag and family

  3. Deptford Dan says:

    As a Christian, I am pleased any marriage is mended, whatever the reason for the breakup. But my BIG problems with Benny Hinn are his false prophecies and doctrine. He prophesied that Fidel Castro would die “in the nineties”. At the same time, he said the Holy Spirit told him that all the homosexuals in the USA would be “executed by the fire of God”. Never happened. He preached that Jesus was Born Again and Adam could fly to the moon. He also publicly cursed all his critics. Benny has never acknowledged any of this and apologized. Look it up.

  4. Shan says:

    Am sooo happy 2 hear this!!

  5. Tabitha Kariuki form Kenya says:

    when your marriage was in the storms i cried tears and prayed for you. I thank God for His restoration. Hold on to God sweeter days are ahead.