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By Mirembe Martina

Do you remember Barbara Yata of WBS’s Showtime Magazine, Cook n Dine and Kfm’s show, well, she is pregnant, and the father of her baby is not yet clear!

It smells to me like it is going to be another round of guessing like we did with Bad Black.

Yata has been off the scene for sometime ever since she left WBS and Kfm. She was nabbed last week Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel during a Tullow oil workshop.

The workshop took place in the Victoria Hall and proceeded to the pool side for the cocktail. It seems it was a personal thing for her because she did not want to appear anywhere near the cameras and she kept on running away.

That is probably because she is now pregnant.

It is rumored that the father of her child is New Vision’s senior reporter, Arthur Kintu with whom she was seen with in Club Silk some time back.

Well, we shall soon find out who it is who got our best TV host pregnant and why he was not with her during the workshop, you can never be too careful with a pregnant woman you know!