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By Jumah Nsubuga

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Amelia Kyambadde has opposed the government proposed cost sharing for the issuance of National identity cards to citizens.

Mrs. Kyambadde made these remarks while addressing a stakeholder’s workshop on review of draft regulations under the cyber laws NITA-U Act held at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala today.

She said that the government should meet the total cost to issuance of national IDs to Ugandans instead of burdening the citizens to pay for IDs.

Kyambadde added that cost sharing in the issuance of national IDs to citizens will delay the process of Ugandans having national IDs.

“I don’t think whether Ugandans will pay money for national IDs because government had already allocated money for these IDs before even the 2012/2013 budget reading. Government should look for money for IDs project than asking Ugandans to pay for them” She noted

She said that cyber laws in Uganda will not be implemented and operatinalized if the citizens have not acquired national IDs.

Amelia  asked government to invest more in computer literacy to enable them use electronic commerce in trading with other people in other countries using internet.

She further assured Ugandans and people transacting their businesses through internet that government within two year will completely have no problems of cyber crimes which are experienced by some people if the cyber laws are operationalized.


  1. fred bali says:

    Where on earth has anybody heard of citizens being told to buy IDs. Ask Kenya, Tz, Botswana, South Africa, Britain. I support Kyambadde’s proposal. Its a right for all citizens to have a national Id, not a previlege. Infact if they r sold, the rightful poor will not get them, instead they will be sold to rich foreigners.

  2. ababoneire Gideon says:

    i remember we didnot buy voters card and why do we need to buy IDs?meaning the government was interested in voters card than IDs and what is more important to the citizen?. i also support Amellias proposal