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The US Federal Bureau of Investigations has removed over 79 teen prostitutes from different US streets.

Operation Cross Country took place from Friday to Sunday and involved more than 2,500 officers at the local, state and federal levels working in 57 cities.

77 girls and two boys  were arrested during  operations in 57 U.S. of Atlanta, Sacramento, Toledo and  Ohio,FBI announced on Tuesday.

FBI spokesman Jason Pack said the youngest prostitute recovered was nine years old.Others ranged from 13 and  17 years.

Since 2003, Innocence Lost task forces and work groups have taken more than 2,200 children off the streets, leading to 1,017 convictions, the FBI said.

Acting Executive Assistant Director Kevin Perkins said child prostitution has become a nationwide problem, with organized crime groups using social media, chat lines and text messaging to recruit children,