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By Mirembe Martina

Four hostages have been taken hostage in a bank in France by a man who claims to be an Al-Qaeda militant.

“We do not know if his claim about AL-Qaeda is serious or a fantasy,” a police union source was quoted saying.

The man is said to have fired a gun shot and asked for the police unit which killed the AL-Qaeda militant, Mohamed Merah, who was killed after killing seven people. His victims included three children and a teacher at a Jewish school, and three soldiers.

According to BBC, the bank is 100 meters (330ft) from Merah’s flat. Merah filmed his attacks and questions rose on whether he was working alone or had accomplices.

Merah claimed to have received military training from Al-Qaeda.

The CIC bank manager is among the hostages. It is believed that it was attempted robbery gone wrong according to a police official, Cedric Delage.