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By Sandra Birungi

A three year old girl fell from the fourth floor of a building to her death as her mother watched.

The young girl fell from the balcony as she was playing and her helpless mother watched in horror according to a family friend. Baseem Alsabbagh, 36, said, “She watched her fall down.”

Rayaheem Banimuslim fell to her death from flats which her family rented as of September 2011. Her Iraq father, Hikmat, was studying for a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University.

Baseem said that the family is heartbroken from the tragedy. “They are heartbroken. She was a lovely, beautiful baby. I can’t describe it. She was playing with other kids nicely. Her mother saw her fall down.”

She was taken to hospital to treat her injuries where she died. It is believed a pane of glass on the communal balcony at the £20million block had not been repaired since being broken a few weeks ago. Police has launched an investigation into the matter.

Residents are angry at the incident and they are saying the panes for the 132-flat complex were left unattended to. Richard Manley, who lives on the fourth floor, said: “I’m shocked but it’s tempered more with anger. I’m just so angry about this. It’s now been boarded up but why wasn’t it boarded up before now when it was first broken. Maybe this little girl’s death might not have happened and some poor mother would not be living with the terrible tragedy that she is having to deal with today.  I hope whoever did this or broke this can live with themselves knowing that they have the death of a three-year-old girl on their conscience.”

A police spokesman said, “As far as I am aware this is being treated as a tragic accident at this stage. The child was a resident at the flats, with her family. The relatives were taken to the hospital where they are with our family liaison officer. An investigation will ensue but we are treating it as a tragic accident.”

The balcony in question must be about 60 or 70 feet off the ground.