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By Maureen Nakigozi

Government has effected a new system which will be followed when admitting students on district quota system.

Different from the old system where only 8 students were admitted on district quota system, this year districts with many students will be given more admission slots.

This decision was followed a directive from President Museveni to the office of the prime minister in which he advocated for more students from districts with higher population admitted through quota system. It  was decided on by the education ministry in consultation with the Office of the Prime Minister.

“We have taken this decision for the betterment of university admissions on Government sponsorship. This new arrangement kicks off with immediate effect, beginning with this year’s public universities’ admissions,” Jessica Alupo, Education Minister said.

In the new system, 5 students will be admitted from each district equally but districts with a larger student population will be given additional slots.

Under the new district quota system, 23 students will be admitted, 18 will be admitted from Wakiso while the other districts will get 6 students admitted through the system.

This decision has been communicated to the Public Universities Joint Admissions Board (PUJAB) and Uganda National Examinations Board and will take immediate effect.

District quota system scholarships started in 2005/2006 academic year to aid students from different districts get higher education especially those who are well performing.

However the Law makers were not pleased with the new system saying that  government scholarships should be used as a form of affirmative action for the needy, but bright students to access university education.

They say that under the new system, students in Kampala will benefit more leaving those deep in the villages.