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Queen Mother of Toro Kingdom Best Kemigyisha

Queen Mother of Toro Kingdom Best Kemigyisha was not arrested

Toro Kingdom has refuted rumors circulating around the city that the Queen mother of Toro Kingdom Best Kemigyisha was arrested in the US.

Toro Kingdom’s Minister of Information Arthur Namara on Thursday made it clear to journalists that the mother of King  Oyo Nyimba of Toro went to United States of America to attend a graduation Ceremenoy of her daughter Ruth Komuntale ,who graduated from Washington University in Strategic Public Relations on 13th May 2012.

Toro’s official said that the Queen mother left Uganda two weeks ago and attended the ceremony from where she proceeded  to United Kingdom to visit her son King Oyo.

He vowed that the Kingdom is determined to seek a a legal action against the Local Newspaper(Red Pepper) which published the defamatory information against their beloved Queen.

The local pepper which once clashed with Toro Kingdom over alleged defamatory information this time claimed that Kemigisa was detained a few days ago on arrival in the US after being found in possession of fake dollars.

Minister Arther Namara said the paper will be sued since the Kingdom is set with  a legal process.

By Martha  Nakimuli




  1. akugizibwe joseph says:

    i feel da tabloid circulating such news must face legal procedure. wow dats ashame of da year!