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By Maureen Nakigozi

Uganda is now awaiting for yet another big event. The wedding of the Toro princess Ruth Komuntale Nsemere.

The wedding of Ruth Komuntale has been scheduled for July 14, 2012 and the organizers have already released the wedding plans.

Preparations kicked off with the renovation of Charles Kamurasi’s home in Gweri in Kalambi sub-county, Kabarole district. The house will get a face-lift ahead of Komuntale’s introduction and giveaway ceremony.

Komuntale and Her Fiance Christopher Thomas

Many cultural dancing groups are already rehearsing the amakondere (the royal dance) to entertain the guests. Beautiful girls  from the Kingdom have been selected to welcome the American in-laws during the giveaway ceremony.

According to the close sources of the Kingdom, she will first wear a backcloth on her wedding day and will be invited to sit on  the lap of her paternal Uncle, Charles  Kamurasi to grant her blessings.

This will be followed by a series of cultural ceremonies that will be performed to prepare Komuntale for marriage.

The introduction ceremony will kick start the wedding celebrations and at this moment the Komuntale will officially introduce her fiancé Christopher Thomas  to the entire royal family and friends at Omusuuga’s residence in Gweri, on Kamwenge Road on Thursday, July 12.

Before the introduction ceremony Komuntale’s  aunties and other elders will advise her about the a good wife should and should not do in a marriage.

The groom will show up at the Omusuuga’s residence to request for the hand of the young princess in marriage. Together with his entourage, they will be expected to turn up dressed in white tunics (kanzu) and jackets, holding walking sticks.

The groom and nine members of his entourage will be led to the house and served with milk in scented clay jars.

The rest of the visitors will be served milk in glasses and dried coffee beans as sign of an establishment of a new relationship.

A group of girls will them be brought before the groom and his entourage to choose so that they can choose the bride to be.

The groom is not to offer dowry to the Komuntale’s parents but as a token of appreciation for raising such a beautiful girl they will offer a fattened infertile bull to the family,  two or three large gourds containing local brew (amarwa).

They will then present a certificate endorsing the marriage from Toro Kingdom headquarters, fully signed by kingdom officials.

Finally they will be invited for lunch and then Komuntale and Chistopher will share engagement rings and sign certificates.

The  wedding ceremony  will beheld at St. John’s Cathedral in Fort Portal and the mass will be held by bishop of Rwenzori diocese, Reuben Kisembo. It will be followed by a reception at the Karuziika.

The wedding is expected to cost more than sh1 billion and more than 10 heads of state are expected to attend.


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