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By Martha Nakimuli

All the men originally believed to  father Bad black’s baby deny .This  perhaps leaves  us with  only one  option ;to point at Chinedu Okoli aka Mr. Flavour N’abania

It is not known whether he received news of the birth the Enugu princess or not, yet he is the only man from whom we have not heard a word from about Bad black’s baby.

Mr. Flavour came to Uganda in September for a performance and Bad black offered him $10,000 to sleep with him. We do not know whether they used protection but all we know is that they spent a night together in a city hotel and Bad black gave birth to the baby at seven months which definitely supports our thinking.

Bad Black, the Baby and Bad Black with Mr. Flavour

The men we expected to father the Baby have all denied  the responsibility. Meddie Sentongo said that Bad black is just an admirer to him but they are not any close.

David Greenhalgh who originally had no doubts about her lovers pregnancy was also disappointed when  Bad Black she gave birth to a black baby .He  refused to pay the hospital bills. He was the only man  willing to father Bad black’s baby.


  1. Marycee says:

    Flavour nawa oo, as long as u are my man u hav disappointed us by dat u did. Bt we still lov ur music shaa