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Madhvani foundation is inviting applications for the 2012/2013 scholarships.

Do you Qualify?

Nature of the scholarship

The scholarship shall be extended as a grant payable directly to the University/Institution on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Renewal of funding shall be subject to receiving satisfactory progress reports from the beneficiary’s Faculty/Institute/School.

Retakes in 1 or more subjects would entail withdrawal of Scholarship and shall not be funded by the Trust.

On completion of studies, it is expected that the awardees will, for the benefit of future scholars, make voluntary donations/contributions to the Foundation.
What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers tuition fees only from second year to completion for undergraduates; and, for the entire programme of study for graduate students from the time of application/award.

Eligible Disciplines

The Board of Trustees have identified the following disciplines for sponsorship:
Business Administration,
Actuarial Science,
Veterinary Medicine,
Hotel Management,
Food Science & Technology,
Information Technology,
Environment, and

The Board however, reserves the right to revise this list periodically, to suit the relative importance of each of the disciplines in the wider framework of national capacity building.
Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduate students, who have completed first year of studies at a Ugandan University; and, graduate applicants who have been either admitted and/or registered for graduate programmes (in any of the disciplines above), are eligible to apply.

Students with CGPA Lower then 2.2 and/or having a retake in any subject in the First Year of study are not eligible to apply.

Students already on sponsorship from elsewhere are not eligible to apply.
Selection criteria
All applicants shall be required to provide proof of completion of First Year study for undergraduate applicants and proof of admission to a degree or postgraduate programme in a recognized University or Institution of Higher Learning in Uganda for post graduate applicants.
Academic performance: the applicants’ Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and/or class of degree as well as academic references shall be among the variables to be used in determining successful applicants. The higher one’s CGPA, the better.
The applicant’s age and character shall be considered.
The financial status of the applicants themselves, their parents, families and/or spouses shall be scrutinised to assess their relative financial needs. Students already being sponsored by other organizations should not apply.
The Board of Trustees has empowered the Scholarship Committee to use their discretion in considering the applicants and identifying those suitable for sponsorship. The Committee may use additional parameters, such as gender, regional balance and disability, where competition is stiff.
Postgraduate Applicants with work experience in the relevant field of study will have advantage in award of Scholarship.
The Foundation reserves the right to check and verify any information provided by the applicant.
Any form of canvassing will lead to immediate disqualification.

The Committee shall invite applications through print and other media during May/June every year for students who wish to benefit from the scholarship programme beginning September/October that year.


How to Apply:

☻ The Committee shall invite applications through print and other media during May every year for students who wishto benefit from the scholarship programme beginning September/October of that year.
☻ Application forms can be bought for 2,000 Ushs. at the Madhvani Foundation offices on Plot No.96-98, Business Park,5th Street, Industrial Area or downloaded for free from Here
☻ All sections of the application forms must be carefully filled in, attached with relevant documentation and
submitted along with a signed Model Release Form. Section F must be filled by the relevant officer and stamped.
☻ Completed application forms can either be delivered in person to Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation
P. O. Box 33479, Plot No.96-98, Business Park 5th Street, Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda
☻ Applicants, whose forms are not filled properly as required or Section E has not been filled in or have failed to
attach the relevant supporting documents shall be rejected.



  1. SENDA BRIAN says:


    1. Habimaana Christopher says:

      Yes i do because all the rules and regulations you have specified are fulfilled

  2. nantaba ritah says:

    thank u so much bt how do i get the application forms?

  3. okwir ben says:

    thanks so much for the wanders you are offering to the needy. I do come from Lira District, i want inquire some clarity about (retake) i`m pursuing Ba. Science in Computer yr 1 last semester i got 1 retake in course unit called programming methodology 1. Reason being i had a problem of tuition and i had got limited knowledge about programming i.e writing code hence making me to missed with 6marks to qualify.

    The same apply to this semester that is tuition problem, this has made me to miss all the first set of Test exams.
    please advice me if the sponsors can grant me that opportunity so that i apply.


  4. Kanyesigye Stella says:

    I wish to inquire whether a candidate offering Master of Science in Physics quailifies. Thank you

  5. MAKA SHARIFU says:

    Great work done , but i and many poor youth are left out because we can’t even afford 1 semester at the University…
    Am from Mayuge District.