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By Mirembe Martina

The Kenyan bomb is said to have gone off in a shopping complex in Nairobi today, May 28th during the lunch hour.

According to the Police Commissioner, Mathew Iteere the cause of the blast has not yet been established although so far, it is believed it was a bomb blast. The black smoke coming from inside the building was due to wires inside the trading center according to Mathew.

“There was a huge bang followed by people screaming and shouting,” said one witness who declined to be named. Assistant Internal Security Minister Joshua Ojode said 15 people were wounded, 11 of them critically.

“We have seen a bit of depreciation on the local currency. It’s right in the central business district, so it’s not very good news to be getting, and I think that causes some fear,” said Duncan Kinuthia, head of trading at Commercial Bank of Africa.

Injured woman crying after the blasts.

One of the shops hit by the blast.

A Scene of the blasts.

Shoes littered on the streets at the scene of the blast.

People on the streets of Moi avenue where the blast occurred.

Military trying to block people from flooding the Moi avenue road.