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By Sandra Birungi

During an interview last week, President Museveni revealed that he will retire at 75 years. Currently 68 years, retirement is knocking at the door of the 25 year Ugandan president who still wants to run for presidency come 2016 amidst heavy criticisms.

“But I think after the age of 75 there is some scientific idea there that may be the vigor is not as much as before. So that one I would quarrel so much, I know there are some leaders who have been leading even beyond the age of 75 but I think if you want very active leaders it is good to have ones below the age of 75,” Museveni said in an interview on NTV’s Hot Spot last week.

President Museveni was speaking about the term limits that have got the country debating on whether they should be restored or not.

Answering the question about his personal views on presidential term limits, President Museveni said it was a lot of nonsense. “My view is that it is a lot of nonsense because as long as there is election the people should elect. And there are some good examples. And indeed all European countries do not have term limits. Except US, but all the others—Britain, I think even France, certainly I know Israel. So as long as people are electing that will be the limit. And, if the people don’t want you that will be the end of the story. So, it is a diversion and not a serious issue in my opinion.”

In response to religious leader’s criticisms, Museveni pointed out that they should mind their own business and leave politics. ”

That is none of their business those religious leaders. They have a lot of work to do — preach the gospel of God. And from what is happening I don’t think they are doing the work very well because we have all these young people who are taking drugs, engage in prostitution and even the corruption they are talking about starts from the homes and the families. So they should spend a little more time preaching the gospel.”

Speaking about National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s unity, Museveni revealed that anyone in the party is free to go and stay as they please. “That is very simple. NRM is like a railway station. There are normally arrivals and departures. But the railway station never closes. So those who are tired can leave and those who want to continue go ahead. And there is nobody who will derail this railway but themselves.