Home » Health, Uganda News » Government Gives Aid Worth Sh150m to the Nodding Disease Victims

By Jane Nambi

With the out break of the nodding disease in the northern part of Uganda, government has been put on the spot light to find a cure or treatment for the children who are suffering from the mysterious disease.

Government has come out and responded to the out cries of the public and delivered medical supplies to the affected districts and trained health workers on how to manage the disease in addition to vans and motorcycles distributed in the districts to be used as transport to the health centers where the services have been availed.

According to the Minister of Information, Mary Karooro Okurut, medical supplies worth sh150m have been delivered to several health centers in the north.

Okurut divulged information revealing that the affected districts had submitted requests for funding worth sh600m to manage the disease up to December this year but have so far received supplies worth sh52m, of which Pader got sh18.4m, Kitgum Hospital sh24.5m and Lamwo sh9.4m.

1,896 patients have been screened at treatment centers, and from the results, 1,081 cases were confirmed to having the nodding syndrome while 713 patients were epileptic and there were 102 admissions according to the statement released by the minister of information.

99 health workers have also been trained on the management of the disease, 23 at Kitgum Hospital, 16 at Lamwo and 40 in Pader. The health ministry has also gone ahead and deployed a medical doctor in Atanga Health Center III to strengthen the team managing the syndrome and they work with 123 other health workers to improve surveillance, identification and reporting of any cases of the nodding disease.

Four 14-seater vans and eight motorcycles have also been supplied to ease the access of the health centers to the affected people.

In addition, the Government has also distributed 206 metric tonnes of relief food which is expected to feed the families for at least 14 days according to Okurut. It has also given out therapeutic feeds to families of the affected children in the area