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By Mirembe Martina

Believers of the Catholic faith flocked church on Sunday to give their testimonies about the works of dead Father Ngobya.

Christians from Lukaya went for prayers at St. Jude despite the heavy rains which came on Sunday. Testimonials of the great wonders from the congregation were given about Father Ngobya’s healing and helping hand that he accorded to them even after his death more than 20 years ago.

Thousands flock to see Fr. Ngobya's remains after being exhumed

Among the testimonials was that of a woman who had given birth and she gave all the credit to Fr. Ngobya. “I have been getting pregnant for the last five years but i had never given birth because my children could die. When i was pregnant for this child, i started getting pains in my stomach, similar to the ones i got before i gave birth and the baby died. I went to pray at Fr. Ngobya’s grave and now, i have given birth to my baby and we are both alive and well,” she said.

Father Kibuuka Musoke testified about Fr. Ngobya saying it was the late Father who urged him to join the seminary and made him a man of God. Another testimony of a man said Fr. Ngobya told him the Kabaka of Buganda was going to come back and he did.

The testimonials come in the wake of building a shrine for Fr. Ngobya where his believers will go and get miracles from. According to Father Henry Kasule who is in charge of the investigations concerning making Fr. Ngobya a saint, the shrine will cost approximately sh17m.

During the prayers, money was fund-raised to contribute to the venture. Several other churches have also come out to fund-raise for the project which believers are ardently waiting for so that they can be allowed to go back and seek help from Fr. Ngobya just like they did before.

Father Ngobya was born in 1896 who served God for 61 years as a catholic father. On October 10, 2010, Dr. Wadray Rudman was appointed to investigate the opening the ratification for Father Ngobya. β€œOn October 12, I requested Bishop Kaggwa to carry out investigations in the Diocese which investigations the Bishop is officially launching today,” Cruise added.

Worshipers and believers of various religions across the country went to witness the remains of the holy father who is said to have continued to do wonders even after his death after his body was exhumed last month.

His grave was a site to be seen. People believed that by putting a bottle of water next to the grave, the water becomes holy and medicinal. Others believed that a rosary that was touched by the grave was a special spiritual protection against any evil and if waved about in the air, it would guard against an eminent dangerous hailstorm or any other such calamity.