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By Sandra Birungi

After succeeding in the industry of music, Dr. Jose Chameleone, one of Uganda’s best male artists has branched into the world of business and has launched a mobile phone called Chameleone mobile phone.

The phones went for sale last week, Thursday after launch at Guvnor which saw many people flock the club for the launch. The fist batch of phones has already been put on sale and Chameleone phones are now available at a shop owned by the musician’s brother, Freecom telecommunications formerly known as Ham GSM shop. The shop is found at Ivory Plaza in Kampala.

With a wide fan base inside and outside of Uganda, Chameleone’s phone deal seems to have attracted a lot of attention from neighboring countries Rwanda and Sudan who have already placed orders for the phones to be sold in the two respective countries.

Promoters from South Sudan and Rwanda have placed deals on the Chameleone phones to sell in the two countries. “He has already linked up with interested market lenders in DRC Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi and he will need tens of thousands of phones to be able to reach the East and Central African region,” a source said of the Chameleone mobile phone deals.

Chameleone is supposed to launch the phone in the two countries that have already placed orders before they are put on the market as part of the deal from Rwanda and S. Sudan.

Despite the up roar about the phones in the East African region and beyond, the Chameleone phones have not yet taken up the interest of the Ugandan users as there has been no air play about it. During the opening of the asylum bar along Namugongo road, Chameleone said only a quarter of the phones have been left for the interested parties in Uganda.

At last, a musician with the brains for business! Chameleone is known for his work in music which has seen him be recognized in Africa and beyond as a musician. Will his fame be enough to earn him loyal customers to his Chameleone mobile phone, only time will tell.


  1. Herman Nakibinge says:

    Is it ‘grapevine’ that joseph mayanja aka ‘jose chamili’ does possess a house in chicago u.s.a? Or otherwise?