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By Jane Nambi

Young Hailie Mathers

Hailie’s favorite puppy was given to her by her father, Eminem.

Hailie all grown up

Hailie’s was born in 1995 on Christmas.

Hailie with mother, Kimberly.

As beautiful as her mother, Hailie has the same mannerisms as her father.

Hailie on her prom night?

Hailie turned 16 years old a few months ago.

Hailie looking good.

She came to the public eye when Eminem talked about her in his early hits like Hailie Song and I Think My Dads Gone Crazy.

Hailie with doll.

Eminem frequently refers to her in his songs. Some of them are “Hailie’s Song”, “’97 Bonnie & Clyde”, “My Dad’s Gone Crazy”, “Mockingbird”, “When I’m Gone”, “Beautiful”, “Airplanes Pt. II”, “Going Through Changes”, and “You’re Never Over”.

Hailie Mathers

Hailie’s first name, Mathers is after her father Eminem whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.


She loves her father so much she tweets about it any chance she has.


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