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By Mirembe Martina

There are things that we know but just over look because they seem like common knowledge. Here are some of the facts that will make you think twice.

Women in saloon gossiping is a must.

A women’s saloon without gossip does not exist, there is always something new to talk about at a women’s saloon.

Bebe Cool will never put a concert at Busabala beach, that is if his beef with Bobi Wine is real.

People who consider themselves fat will never feel comfortable being fat, they will always want to be told they have lost some weight, even though it is a half of kilogram.

Bobi Wine will never be better than Bebe Cool, let’s be realistic.

Men will always want to cheat – if they don’t do it already, no matter how much they love their wives.

African leaders will never want to leave the seat of power, unless they die, apart from South Africa’s Nelson Mandela – he was one of a kind.

Women’s hairstyles will never stop amusing men, they are crazy and simply addictive to look at.

Women will never want to put on something similar, especially at the same time – they always want to be unique, whatever that entails.

Men will never admit simple facts, that women are better than them at many things, including cheating.

‘The Notebook’ will always remain the best romantic movie ever, well, second to Titanic.

Women’s clothing will never remain expensive – they are expensive for a while and the prices reduce – i wonder why.

Chicken will never be cooked as a mixture – like matooke and beans.

A bold headed man will never carry jack fruit on his head, unless it will make him grow some hair.

A dead body cannot fail to sleep – simply because it is sleeping day and night.

A wheel-burrow pusher cannot wave – he is pushing the wheel-burrow, how will he push if he waves at you – don’t be offended if he doesn’t.