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By Martha Nakimuli

Many good looking girls are flooding the churches led by single pastors with an aim of getting marriage partners. The girls mostly attend churches led by youth pastors Wilson Bugembe and Ronnie Makabai popularly known as brother Ronnie.

According to Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Many of the women who force him to marry them are from outside his church.

“I warn any woman who confronts me about marriage and I give her 3 chances if she fails to change we chase her out of church,” Pastor Bugembe said.

This explains why he does not get advances from women of his church

Bugembe further said that he is Muganda who cannot allow any woman to confront him for love.

“My wife is at Makerere University in third year and I am planning to marry her towards the end of this year when she has finished her studies,” Bugembe said.

Back to ETM International Church found on  Salama Road in Makindye led by  Brother Ronnie Makabai many good looking girls attend church services  in that church with the aim of getting right marriage partners.

Bro.Ronnie Makabai

Most of the girls are single and searching despite of their good looks.Many good looking girls  started attending services at ETM after hearing that the good looking pastor is still single and they have hope that God might tell  him to marry one of them.

Bro. Ronnie advised the girls not to be in hurry until  God shows them right men.

Brother Makabai

Brother Ronnie said that he gets many single girls who tell him to pray for them so that they can get right men.

He dismissed the fact that most women are targeting him saying that they only come to him to pray for them.

Makabai  that when the right time comes after God has showed him a right person, he will introduce her to the congregation but as per now he is serving God  wholeheartedly.