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The Software that detects lies

The Software that detects lies

A group of scientists from the University of Buffalo recently highlighted in their statements that they have developed new software with the help of which the computer can catch the lie immediately.

The newly developed software can read a person’s eyes to efficiently monitor all the movements of the pupils and determine when one is lying or faking something.

The above findings are out only after several thorough readings of numerous recorded conversations, which included both truth and lies too. The team of scientists ran the experiment through software and even double checked the findings of the program with a trained human interrogator following which; they noticed that the software and its results were highly accurate with 82.5 percent (even more than the 65 percent false statement ratio that the specially trained examiner identified),French Tribune said

Several other studies are still ongoing by the computer scientists at the University of Buffalo (UB; Buffalo, NY, USA) to determine the success rate of machine’s reading of visual cues to uncover all the lies.

During the study, total 40 videotaped conversations were studied with the newly developed automated system, which gave 82.5 percent success rate after reading the subject’s eye movements and identifying when the interview subjects were telling truth or lying.

The researchers explained that the theory behind the study and its findings stands the statistical technique that people usually follow to move their eyes in two different situations i. e. when they talk truth and when they field a question designed to prompt a lie.