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Muhlbauer Technologies Limited the company which was contracted by government to produce the National Identification Cards as said it so far produced six million cards as opposed to the 400 cards government has been reporting.

Muhlbauer’s Vice President, Koller Mathias while appearing before the parliamentary committee on defense and Internal Affairs Committee accused government officials of causing the delay in the execution of the project saying that as a company they have brought in the country all the required equipments but government is yet to construct the right infrastructure to house the equipments.

The firm also accused the Ugandan government of sloppiness, the reason why the project has delayed.

The Government of Uganda launched the National Security Information System Project (NSIS) in March 2010  to establish a National information system for the biometric registration of persons in Uganda, data processing; clean up of the electoral register and issuance of National Identification Numbers (NIN) and consequently National Identity cards.

Government entered into a contract with Mulbhaueur High Tech International for the supply of equipment and installation of equipment for the production of the identity cards. Other related services to be provided by Mulhbhaeur included capacity building for government to manage NSIS. The equipment was  supplied and some of it was used for the voter registration update.

A pilot cards’ production facility was set up and 409 cards were printed in order to test the card’s issuance system and processes,though the entire project has delayed than expected.

Uganda in now the only East Africa Community state without National Identity Cards.